Environmental Responsibility

Those information are related to the 44th Montreux Jazz Festival and will be updated in spring 2011.

A public festival inevitably generates a certain amount of waste. The Montreux Jazz Festival’s mission is to limit waste production as much as possible within its means, while also ensuring the most efficient levels of separation and recycling. hrough close collaboration with specialized partners, the Festival is striving to meet its environmental responsibilities, while also taking into account its contingencies.

The primary missions are:

- daily rehabilitation of the festival site
- information and prevention schemes for the public to promote environmentally-friendly behaviour
- encouraging public transport and car-pools Concretely, these aims are applied through the following measures
- the early establishment of a global management strategy involving all aspects of the Festival
- a cleaning staff operating 24 hours a day and whose list of responsibilities includes maintenance of the environment at large and disposal and separation of waste
- an eco-compatible garbage depot
- a roving information and prevention team, in partnership with Summit Foundation
- installation of Eco Points throughout the entire site, both inside and outside, which allow to public to separate: plastic cups, PET, glass, aluminum, paper/cardboard, batteries, incinerable waste

The Festival couldn’t assume this level of environmental responsibility without the experience and participation of the following partners :
- PET recycling (www.pet-recycling.ch)
- The Commune of Montreux and its transport service
- The Summit Foundation (www.summit-foundation.org)

Honda, the Festival’s automotive partner, has included its Civic 1.3 i-DSI Hybrid model among the vehicles which it lends to the Festival. Thanks to its combined gas and electric motor, this model has been named “cleanest car in Switzerland” by the Transport and Environment Association.

Alpiq, the Hospitality Garden’s ecological partner

First company to offer ecological trade and services in Switzerland, Alpiq specializes in ecology optimization for building construction through Alpic InTec. As Montreux Jazz Festival partner, Alpiq offers practical solutions regarding energy efficiency, which benefit the Hospitality Garden :
Area illuminated by a new generation LED lighting solution (very low energy consumption)
Open space partly supplied by 36 photovoltaic pannels, or a 55 square meters area visible from the (quais ?), allowing a direct reinjection of the electricity produced in the network
Energy efficiency is a key element to climate protection and constitutes one of the four pillars of Swiss energy politics.
Alpiq,  your ecology and energy services partner www.alpiq.ch

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