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Those information are related to the 44th Montreux Jazz Festival and will be updated in spring 2011.

Pol Point

Situated on the Rue Emery, the Pol Point area is managed by the prevention division of the Riveria Police. It is dedicated to providing information on the risks linked to alcohol and drug consumption, and also advising on theft prevention. The Pol Point’s objective is not one of enforcement, even though it is possible to report a crime if need be. In addition, competitions are organized with numerous prizes to be won. The area also functions as the Festival’s lost-and-found point. 

Be my angel tonight
Included in the Pol Point is the “Be my angel tonight” operation ( It offers festival-goers a trust-based contract, as well as information on the dangers of drinking and driving. One “angel” is designated per group: he or she promises not to drink alcohol during the evening and to drive their friends home. In exchange, the “angel” receives free non-alcoholic beverages. The Festival’s new pricing scheme, in particular the reduction of non-alcoholic drink prices, offers even more support for moderate consumption.

The Festival applies the legal requirements for selling alcohol at all of its bars, in particular concerning age limits for various beverages. A large choice of beverages is offered at a lower price than the cheapest alcoholic beverages. Bar staff are trained to apply these legal conditions.

Prevention area
The Prevention Area is situated next to the Bar Pub (B3) and close to the infirmary. It joins together several associations with the goal of ensuring a good time is had by all. It is both a meeting place and an area of free discussion, overseen by the professionals of the Be My Angel and Act associations. Their presence aims to prevent or, the case being, deal with substance abuse. During the weekends, a mobile team crisscrosses the different nightspots until closing time to inform and aid those in difficulty. In order to guarantee quick reaction time, the specialists are in constant contact with the infirmary, which is also in the hands of professionals.

The Prevention Area also houses the Point Fixe association (, which aims to fight AIDS by providing information, as well as making condoms available to the public. In addition, general health information can be found at the Area’s information booth.

Hearing protection
Despite a strict policy put in place to respect all sound laws, it is possible that prolonged exposure in certain areas can cause disruption to the eardrum. In order to prevent potential damage, earplugs are available free of charge at the entrance to the venues, at the bars, at the information stand and at the Prevention Area. Auditory recuperation zones also exist in each concert area.

From 2 p.m. until closing time, a team of doctors and nurses is available to tend to the health needs of both visitors and staff. Situated on the same level as the Miles Davis Hall, the infirmary deals with both mild concerns and eventual emergencies, transferring patients to regional hospitals when necessary. There is an ambulance permanently on call on the Festival site.

For health reasons, children under the age of 6 (six) are not admitted to concert venues (including boats & trains). The organizers decline all responsibility and liability for any damage to human organs resulting from infringement of this rule. Ticket holder under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Für Besucher der folgenden Veranstaltungsorte gilt eine Altersvorgabe ab 18 Jahre: Studio 41, Cocktail Garden, Montreux Jazz Café (bis 22 :00) , and Montreux Jazz Boat.

Security for festival-goers is ensured by a multi-layered system consisting of the Civil Protection Service (for traffic), the Fire Service, the Riviera Police, Securitas and the Festival’s security staff. Each group is given a list of responsibilities tailored to their field of expertise, the entirety of which is planned and controlled by a central command center.

Important numbers
Police emergency: 117
Fire: 118
Medical emergency: 144
Riviera Police, Montreux: 021 962 77 00

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