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Those information are related to the 44th Montreux Jazz Festival and will be updates in spring 2011.

The Festival’s quays could be an event unto themselves. This essential and entirely free facet of the Festival makes it easy for anyone to find the atmosphere which suits them.
This year’s planning will retain the friendly ambiance whilst also improving the circulation and variety along the festive promenade.

The décor of the trees and the building along the quays continues apace this year with a renewed ambition to offer visitors a scenic setting, highlighting the surroundings of a site which is already privileged by its geographical location. Starting at the Marché Couvert, a hundred stands dot the visitor’s path. While the majority of the exhibitors are from Vaud, inscription is open to all. Indeed, the sights and smells Africa and Maghreb are well particularly well-represented. An effort is required in terms of decoration in order to give an attractive appearance to the whole.

Some 25 food stalls can be found along the lakeside, offering the possibility to eat outside. Food from around the world to satisfy your taste buds: ice cream, cakes, fast food or something more sophisticated. There is an extensive menu of eclectic food on offer, including seafood, Asian, Italian, and well-known Swiss specialities, of course. Though often served to take away, the meals can also be eaten sitting down, notably at one of the five terraces designated as free access.




The Montreux Jazz Café's outdoor terrace

Restaurant, barbecue and tapas area, with a selection of ten red or white wines.


Nestlé Terrace

Elegant wood-based area with à la carte meals, but open to all.


MJF terrace


Tropical area

A part of the quays and the building's terrace are taken over by the South. Sand, palm-trees and cocktails bestow a tropical atmosphere on the whole area. From 4 p.m., a DJ on a elevated platform guarantees to keep the temperature risin'.


The Cocktail Garden - Studio 41

From 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. the Studio 41 garden provides a relaxed atmosphere between after-work and early-evening. Served chilled, the cocktails are can be enjoyed in an elegant and leafy setting, with full table service.


The quays

Food stalls, from 2pm to 4am

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